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Product Information

This is a downforce kit for the C6 corvette which comprises of our chassis mount Fulcrum wing, tunneled race splitter, and low drag canards. This package is more than 10% discounted than the individual components and comes with free shipping in the continental US!

A full CFD workup was performed, including front DF balance shift based on wing angle, gurney flap removal, and canard removal.

The components of the kit are:

Our famous Fulcrum wing with it's 14” chord, 72” span. Chassis mounted and available with swan neck (top mounts), large endplates, and an integrated gurney channel.

Our C6 Race Splitter which is unique in featuring integrated venturi tunnels, end plates, and a duckbill on the leading edge to feed the tunnels. The duckbill is smooth and rounded, providing the secondary benefit of decreasing the likelihood of it digging in during an off-track excursion. Wearable rub strips are riveted on the leading edge to prevent damage from riding curbs. The hard points are bonded in to facilitate easier mounting and can be countersunk to ensure a completely smooth underside.

Our Low Drag Canards which have been extensively designed and optimized for the best possible L/D ratio, more info on the design process may be found here.

Important note: Since bumpers vary (GS, ZR1, ZO6, Base) an Air Dam is NOT included (the yellow air dam in the rendered image) and must be purchased separately. We’ve found that inexpensive air dams found on eBay work quite well. They simply need to provide a flat surface to kiss the top of the splitter. Also note, the splitter doesn’t include mounting hardware, but there are 4 hardpoints on the splitter designed for mounting to the chassis.

Click here for more technical information on Swan Neck mounts

Click here for more technical information on Large End Plates

Click here for more technical information on Gurney Flaps

Rendering depicting Air Dam (in yellow) that needs to be purchased separately to match to the bumper of your specific model:

Corvette C6 Downforce Kit

Data (right click to enlarge):

Corvette C6 Downforce Kit Aero Map

Current Stock:
Width: 81.00
Height: 48.00
Depth: 32.00