AJ Hartman Racing is now RHR Performance

by Olaaf and AJ

Hey everyone! 

Big news for AJ Hartman Racing-

I’ve partnered with my old buddy Olaaf Rossi, and we’ve formed RHR Performance. This new company picks up all our products, processes, and ideals and is reforging them with a new vision for 2018 and beyond.

For the past few months have been working on several initiatives for new directions and products- For example: CFD designed canards for the C6, 3 new wings, and 2 new shop cars (BMW E36 and the S550 Mustang).

We are moving to a (nearly) all digital pipeline for products- We now design in 3D CAD, verify the designs in CFD with our awesome aerodynamicist consultant, 3D print the prototypes, mock them up on the car for exact fitment and static load testing, and then produce the mold, and then finally the high quality, lightweight, and super strong part for which AJ Hartman Racing was renown.

So please feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions. Happy 2018, and go out and win some races with our stuff!

More background info on Olaaf and AJ